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The Iroquois or Haudenosaunee are a historically powerful and important northeast Native American confederacy. They were known ...

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Farming and agriculture provided most of the Iroquois diet. The Iroquois men were responsible for clearing the fields while the women did the actual planting.

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Women in the Iroquois tribes oversaw the agriculture. The most popular agricultural product on the Iroquois was the three-sisters: corn, beans, and squash ...

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Iroquois food history - Native Americans- - what Iroquois people ate, and how they cooked it.

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Although the Iroquois grew much of their food, they were also hunters and gatherers. Women and children gathered wild nuts, fruits and vegetables, mushrooms, ...

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No one in the village went hungry. Everyone would share their food even in the hardest times. The Iroquois believed in cooperation. Farming and Agriculture.

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Storing Food: Dried Fish: Much of the catch would be dried and then stored. If the store of food was getting low, the men would go out at night with torches.

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FOOD. Before Europeans, the Iroquois were farmers, and hunters. The main crops were corn, beans, and squash and were considered special gifts from the ...

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What kind of food did the Iroquois eat? We must remember that they were farmers even more than they were hunters and fishermen. Thus, much of what they ate ...

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The Iroquois ate foods such as hickory nuts, butternuts, roots and wild meat. The Iroquois were farmers first with hunting and fishing...