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The Iroquois or Haudenosaunee are a historically powerful and important northeast Native American confederacy.

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Information about the Iroquois Indians and the Haudenosaunee League for students and teachers. Covers food, clothing, longhouses, art and crafts, weapons ...

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During the French and Indian War they remained officially neutral, but would join either side to exploit an advantage. Both sides courted Iroquois support during ...

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Though the Iroquois never specifically occupied any part of Pennsylvania, their ... As resident viceroy they appointed the great Indian ambassador, Shikellimy ...



The Iroquois call themselves Haudenosaunee meaning "people of the long house." Other names: Canton Indians; Confederate Indians; Ehressaronon ( Huron); ...

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The Iroquois nation is a fascinating union of tribes from the Northeast United States. come ... The Iroquois Indians are Native American people that lived in the  ...

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Kids learn about Native American Indian tribe the Iroquois from the Northeast of the United States.

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Jun 29, 2016 ... Iroquois Confederacy, also called Iroquois League, Five Nations, or (from 1722) Six Nations, confederation of five (later six) Indian tribes across ...

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After the Tuscarora nation joined the League in 1722, the Iroquois became ... About 10,000 Seneca Indians live in the United States and Canada, primarily on  ...

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The Eastern Woodlands region covered the east coast of what is today the United States. It stretched from the Atlantic Ocean west to the Mississippi River.

About the Iroquois
The people known as Iroquois called themselves Haudenosaunee, which means "the people of the longhouse." The word "Iroquois" is an aspersion cast by the Algonquin people and punctuated by the French -- it means "rattlesnakes." Although they obviously had... More »
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