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The Iroquois Indians created shelters called longhouses, which feature long and narrow designs and rectangular shapes. Longhouses served as homes to many populations around the wor...

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The Iroquois (Haudenosaunee or "People of the Longhouses") who resided in the Northeastern United States as well as Eastern Canada (Ontario and Quebec)  ...

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The Iroquois longhouse were built to house 20 or more families.

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Longhouses are Native American homes used by the Iroquois tribes and some of their .... Most Native Americans only made a brush shelter when they were out ...

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Sep 30, 2011 ... The Iroquois were an agricultural people who lived in permanent villages. They used the symbol of their house-the hodensote or longhouse-as ...

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The Iroquois people were known as “Hodenosaunee” which in Huron means “ People Of ... The Iroquois Indians lived in two different types of shelters. The first is ...

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The Haudenosaunee (Iroquois) people lived in villages and farmed. Their houses were called longhouses because they were longer than they were wide.

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Information about the Iroquois Indians and the Haudenosaunee League for students and teachers. Covers food, clothing, longhouses, art and crafts, weapons ...

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LONGHOUSES. The design of the longhouse reflected the social organization of Iroquois culture, 300 - 500 years ago. Its architecture and construction are ...

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Longhouses were so important to the Iroquois way of life that, even today, the Iroquois call themselves "the People of the Longhouse", although today, the ...

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Q: What was the iroquois shelter?
A: today they live in very modern homes, in the olden days they lived in tepees Read More »
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Q: What are the names of the iroquois shelter?
A: Bark Longhouses Read More »
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Q: What type of shelter did the Iroquois live in?
A: See below. Source(s) http://ryecityschools.lhric.org/webquest…. http://www.iroquois.net/. Read More »
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Q: What type of shelter did the iroquois live in?
A: I am almost positive it was a tee pee. Read More »
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Q: What Shelter Did The Iroquois Have?
A: They lived in Longhouses which were made of birch bark. Anonymous Read More »
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