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Tools used by the Iroquois included stone axes, flint knives, hoes, arrowheads and knives. Tools of the Iroquois served many purposes: some helped the Iroquois farm, while others f...

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Information about the Iroquois Indians and the Haudenosaunee League for students ... weapons and tools, legends, government, and culture of the Iroquois tribes.

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Many tools used by the Iroquois were snowshoes (see picture above) for the cold winters, and canoes used on the Lawerence River. We must remember that the ...

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The Ball-Headed War Clubs, used by the Iroquois and Algonquian tribes of the ... Although stone axes had been used as tools and ritual objects by Native ...

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TOOLS. Before the Europeans came to North America, the Iroquois made tools from stone, bone, and antlers. stone axe Figure 6. A stone axe. The two views of ...

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The Iroquois are an Indian tribe that were originally concentrated in the upstate New York area of the United States. As expert hunters, the Iroquois tribe hunted ...

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Most of the Iroquois tools were made from stone, bone, and wood. Dishes and ... The Iroquois made good use of many of the resources around them. Even their ...

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Farmers/Agriculture: Farming provided most of the Iroquois diet. The Iroquois made tools for farming. One tool was a wooden rake for leveling the soil. Another  ...

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The Iroquois nation is a fascinating union of tribes from the Northeast United ... The main tools used for hunting and farming include stone axes, various size ...

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1000 years ago- the Iroquois-language nations adapted the process of agriculture. Eastern Woodland Farmers grew the three sisters: Corn, Bean and Squash.

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Q: What were Iroquois tools?
A: the Iroquois tribe used tools such as bows made out of bamboo its pretty cool right. Read More »
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Q: What are some of the iroquois tools?
A: Farming tools, weapons, pipes, and that's about it. Read More »
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Q: What was a Iroquois tool and what was it made from?
A: Seventh-day Adventist Christians preach the everlasting Gospel and keep the Biblical Sabbath(Saturday) day Holy(Exodus 20:8-11)Remember the Sabbath day, to keep... Read More »
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Q: What were Iroquois weapons and tools like in the past?
A: Iroquois hunters used bows and arrows. Iroquois fishermen generally used spears and fishing poles. In war, Iroquois men used their bows and arrows or fought wit... Read More »
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Q: What tools did the Iroquois Indians use to make canoes?
A: The Iroquois tribes (Seneca, Cayuga, Onondaga, Oneida, Mohawk and Tuskarora) used mainly slippery elm bark for their canoes since birch trees were rare in their... Read More »
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