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The Iroquois or Haudenosaunee are a historically powerful and important northeast Native ..... Around 1670, the Iroquois drove the Siouan-speaking Mannahoac tribe out of the northern Virginia Piedmo...

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The Iroquois people have inhabited the areas of Ontario and upstate New York for well over 4,000 years. Technically speaking, "Iroquois" refers to a language ...



The Seneca were once the largest tribe of the Iroquois League - the number of their warriors equal to the other four tribes combined. Their current enrollment ...

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The Iroquois nation is a fascinating union of tribes from the Northeast United States. come explore interesting facts and information about these woodland ...

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The Iroquois tribes lived in the Eastern Woodlands region. They were expert farmers and lived on the resources of the woods. The Iroquois were not one tribe,  ...

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Established in either 1142 or 1451, the Five Nations Iroquois confederacy ... While each tribe controlled its own domestic affairs, the council at Onondaga ...

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Aug 3, 2015 ... Iroquois, any member of the North American Indian tribes speaking a language of the Iroquoian family—notably the Cayuga, Cherokee, Huron, ...

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The Iroquois were Native Americans who lived in Western, Central and Northern New York. The Iroquois were also known as the 'Haudenosaunee,' which ...

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The Iroquois Indians, also called the Iroquois Confederacy or the Iroquois League, were actually a group of smaller tribes (also called nations). There were  ...

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Jun 29, 2016 ... Confederation of five (later six) Indian tribes across upper New York state ... Iroquois Confederacy, also called Iroquois League, Five Nations, ...

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Kids learn about Native American Indian tribe the Iroquois from the Northeast of the United States.

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This may have been an insulting nickname (the Algonkian and Iroquois Indians were traditional enemies.) The Iroquois tribes originally called their confederacy ...

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Iroquois Nation. 1914. The Iroquois also known as the Haudenosaunee or the " People of the Longhouse", are a league of several nations and tribes of ...