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The most prominent weapons in an Iroquois man's arsenal were the bow, war club, knife, lance and tomahawk. Although today the war club and tomahawk are most often associated with t...

Burying the hatchet


... specifically concerning the formation of the Iroquois Confederacy and in Iroquois custom in general. Weapons were to be buried or otherwise cached in time of ...

Native American Weapons: Bows and Arrows, Spears, Tomahawks ...


When people think of American Indian weapons, the bow and arrow is usually ... The Ball-Headed War Clubs, used by the Iroquois and Algonquian tribes of the ...

Facts for Kids: Haudenosaunee (Iroquois) Indians - Orrin's Website


Information about the Iroquois Indians and the Haudenosaunee League for students and teachers. Covers food, clothing, longhouses, art and crafts, weapons ...

Traditional Iroquois Weapons | eHow


Traditional Iroquois Weapons. The Iroquois are an American Indian collective confederacy or tribe (made up of five different tribes) that are indigenous to North  ...

Iroquois Hunting Tools | Entertainment Guide


Iroquois weapons would vary depending upon which animal was being hunted. ... The Iroquois are an Indian tribe that were originally concentrated in the ...

Native Americans - Iroquois


The Iroquois Indian tribes was also known as the Five Nations which are the ... There are many different kind of weapons that the Iroquois Indians would used.

Iroquois - Warriors - Native Americans in Olden Times for Kids


The men made many types of weapons. They made bows and arrows out of hickory or ash wood. The tips of the arrows were made out of turtle, antler bone, and ...

earlynativeamericantribes - Iroquois Tribes

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Most Iroquois speak English but some, especially elders, speak their original language. ... The Iroquois Indian Tribes had many unique tools and weapons.

Cayuga-Iroquois - weapons & tools

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Farming and hunting tools: for hunting on land the cayugan men would take bows and arrows to use for it they would usualy hunt in the winter.the types of ...

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Q: What was the Iroquois weapons?
A: i am asking u. Read More »
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Q: Traditional Iroquois Weapons.
A: Tomahawk. The tomahawk is, basically, the Native American version of an axe. Hatchet-like, it served a range of purposes, including as a hand weapon. Sometimes,... Read More »
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Q: Iroquois weapons and tools?
A: Spear Net Bow Arrow Lance Tomahawk and Club and harpoon spoon. Read More »
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Q: What were Iroquois weapons and tools like in the past?
A: Iroquois hunters used bows and arrows. Iroquois fishermen generally used spears and fishing poles. In war, Iroquois men used their bows and arrows or fought wit... Read More »
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Q: Did the Iroquois Indians make their weapons?
A: they used heavy duty machine guns. Read More »
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