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While an occasional nibble of your dog's food won't hurt your cat, long-term feeding of food formulated for dogs certainly can. For proper nutrition, feed your kitty ...


Aug 20, 2009 ... OK, so you might argue this issue is a no-brainer. But you'd be surprised to learn just how many of my cat owners feed their precious felines ...


Picture of cat eating puppy food As we often say, "Cats are not small dogs." In the case of diet, it is important to realize a cat's nutritional requirements are much ...


Aug 17, 2014 ... Taurine is a essential nutrient for cats, and "Dog food does not contain enough ... Is Your Cat Eating Enough Dog Food to Be a Problem?


So is it ok for cats to eat dog food? The answer to that question is simple: cats should not be fed off dog food because felines and canines have very different ...


Mar 8, 2017 ... Wondering if your cat should be eating dog food? We break down whether it's OK to feed your cat dog food and answer all your questions right ...


When I see them eating the dog's food, I will call them to feed them their wet but they don't ... So is it really dangerous for a cat to eat dog food?


Your dog and cat should only eat food labeled as "complete and balanced." Pet food ... Feeding raw food is dangerous due to the risk of Salmonella and E. Coli.


WebMD's slideshow, Foods Your Cat Should Never Eat, shows in pictures the most dangerous and toxic foods that your cat can eat.