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The jaguar catfish (Liosomadorsa oncinus) is a species of driftwood catfish endemic to Brazil where it is found in the Branco River. It is also found in the ...

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The Jaguar catfish (Liosomadoras oncinus) is named after the intangible Jaguar ( Panthera onca), and just like its feline namesake, the Jaguar catfish can only ...

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Overview: Liosomadoras oncinus is a very striking fish that really cannot be mistaken for anything else including the false Jaguar. Featuring a pattern that ...

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Jul 16, 2012 ... Jaguar Catfish - Liosomadoras Oncinus ... Catfish and Carp 144,482 views ... Types of Aquarium Catfish: Raphael catfish Species Sunday ...
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Aug 22, 2007 ... Fifth Liosomadoras Oncinus introduced to the 180 gallon oscar tank. Probably the last time I see her with lights on.
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Jun 25, 2011 ... my Jaguar catfish. ... Up next. Big Jaguar Catfish,Wels,Liosomadoras oncinus, Jaguardornwels,Prachtschmerle beim fressen - Duration: 1:22.

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Jun 13, 2016 ... Admire the beauty and grace of the Jaguar catfish when you can, says Dr Michael Hardman, for they need to be coaxed into community life.

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False Jaguar Catfish (Liosomadoras morrowi) ... with similarly-sized characins, cichlids and other peaceful catfish such as Corydoras sp. and Loricariids.

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Ferraris, C.J. Jr., 2003. Auchenipteridae (Driftwood catfishes). p. 470-482. In R.E. Reis, S.O. Kullander and C.J. Ferraris, Jr. (eds.) Checklist of the Freshwater ...

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Systematics of the Jaguar catfish genus Liosomadoras Fowler, 1940 ( Auchenipteridae: Siluriformes). José L. O. Birindelli<sup>I</sup>; Jansen Zuanon<sup>II</sup>. <sup>I</sup>Museu de Zoologia ...

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Aug 13, 2014 ... Catfish Logo Head ... Common Name(s), Jaguar Catfish ... Oncinus from the Latin name of this species namesake, the Jaguar (Panthera onca).

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Jul 9, 2014 ... Jaguar Catfish (Liosomadoras oncinus). From The Aquarium Wiki. Jump to: navigation, search. Jaguar Catfish. No Image.png. Jaguar Catfish.

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Habitat and Ecology: L. oncinus is a demersal (living at or near the bottom of the water body) species that inhabits tributary rivers. It is a nocturnal species and is ...