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Apr 18, 2016 ... Rubber snakes are cheap and easy to keep in your car. Placing rubber snakes on the hood and trunk of your car should scare away cats.


I'm willing to spend some money to keep the cats off the car, and i'm willing to spend up to 5 minutes ... Lay them on the roof, trunk, and hood.


Would it work to spray it on the ground around your car, and keep them away? Or , you could just pop the hood when you park, and after the cat ...


Apr 8, 2010 ... The neighbor's cats frequently jump up on our car, leaving paw prints and scratches everywhere. Do you know of a humane way to keep them ...


Some people are cat people. Some prefer other animals. But no matter if you're a cat person, a dog person, an animal person or a person who doesn't like ...


So what do you do when the hood of your car is the bed of choice for an outside cat? Some of the deterrents you should NOT use.


Jan 7, 2012 ... How to keep stray cats off my car. Ways of keeping cats off my car. How to protect a car from cats. Keeping cats off the hood or roof of a car is ...


Read satisfied customers testimonials about repellent for cat in car. ... it around our plants/garden as well next spring to keep out cats & rabbits. ... We were having a terrible problem with our neighbor cats sitting on & under the hood of our cars.

Jun 30, 2011 ... How to get rid of the cat with the car's hood. BeanLeak. Loading. ... How To keep the neighbors cat off your car. Hire a Guard Coyote - Duration: ...


Cat paw prints all over your car! ... Best Ways To Keep Cats Off Cars: ... activated sonic deterrent could be attached to the ceiling above the bonnet of the car.