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Keeping Squirrels Off Bird Feeders
Nothing can empty a bird feeder faster than a hungry squirrel. If you're hoping to feed your feathered friends and would prefer to keep the squirrels away, the task can be more than a little frustrating. Squirrels can climb, leap and wriggle their way... More »
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Mar 31, 2010 ... Using plastic bottles, a Williamsburg, Virginia, resident devised a simple and cheap way to keep squirrels off his bird feeders. "I made holes in ...


When fed continuously away from your bird feeders, they will mark the area as their ... A good motto to keep in mind is: A WELL FED SQUIRREL IS A HAPPY ...


Learn to squirrel-proof a bird feeder by adjusting the feeder style, location, seed offered and more, without ... Tips to Keep Squirrels Away From Bird Feeders.


Apr 7, 2017 ... Squirrels are notorious pests when it comes to stealing bird food. Here are three ways to keep squirrels out of bird feeders.

Apr 27, 2013 ... The squirrels can climb the pole to the bird feeder! I make a paste of shortening and dried hot peppers which I blend together and then apply to ...


This is a guide about keeping the squirrels out of your bird feeder. Despite their delightful antics having the squirrels eating up all of your birdseed can be ...


Homemade squirrel baffle to keep squirrels out of your bird feeders or getting ... How to keep squirrels off Bird feeders- Squirrel Proofing the easy way (Click on.


Feb 27, 2015 ... Earlier this week I put out the call for advice on how to keep squirrels off the bird feeder in my backyard. I also made a few calls to local experts ...


At one point, one of the squirrels got brave and jumped on the feeder but immediately jumped off again without eating any of the seeds! Eureka! And the birds ...