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Aug 10, 2015 ... Louisiana Purchase. In 1800, when the armies of French ruler Napoleon Bonaparte moved across Europe, pressuring Spain into a corner, the ...


Louisiana Purchase Territory, 1803-1819. Access Restriction(s):. Unrestricted. Use Restriction(s):. Unrestricted. Online Resource(s):. Teaching with Documents


The map shows United States growth throughout the 1800s. Click on the Louisiana Purchase in the Legend. Which river forms the eastern border of the ...


Feb 24, 2017 ... The Missouri Compromise of 1820: as a result of the Missouri Compromise slavery was not allowed in the Louisiana Purchase (shown in blue) ...


LOUISIANA PURCHASE MAP. Louisiana Purchase Activities on MrNussbaum. com ... Louisiana Purchase State Identification Activity (printable). This activity ...


the students will work on a black line map and they will show the territory gained ... Completed and labeled black line map of the Louisiana Purchase( appendix).


This 1903 map of the United States highlights in red the territory included in the Louisiana Purchase. Bought from France in 1803, the 820,000 square miles ...


Make copies of the “Louisiana Purchase” map (1 per student). ... Students can create a map of their home state, including a compass, labeling the border-.


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The Louisiana Purchase almost doubled the area of the United States; this new ... Soon after (in 1804), Jefferson sent Lewis and Clark to map the newly-acquired western US territory (they returned in 1806 with maps, ... Biology Label Printouts