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The Globe Theatre was a theatre in London associated with William Shakespeare. It was built ... Here the correct label has been restored. The small building to ...


The Globe Theatre. In 1599, the famous Globe Theatre was built. Referred to by Shakespeare as a "wooden 0," the Globe had as many as 20 sides to give it a ...


A diagram of the Globe Theatre- students could draw their own and label different parts.


Look at the diagram of the inside of the Globe Theatre. Look at the descriptions of various parts of the theatre below and then label the diagram correctly.


Fast and accurate details and facts about Globe Theatre Interior.Learn the facts about ... The access to various parts of the theater? The design of the interior.


An in-depth look at Shakespeare's theater, the Globe, including a description of what the ... The stage had two primary parts: 1) The outer stage, which was a ...


Visit this site dedicated to providing information about Globe Theatre Layout.Fast and accurate facts about Globe Theatre Layout. Learn about Globe Theatre ...


Fast and accurate facts about Globe Theatre Stage. Learn about ... The original Globe Theatre Stage had two main parts - the outer stage and the inner stage:.


1. Shakespeare's Globe Theatre. When you have completed your research find the following areas and label them on the diagram above. • the main entrance.


Visit this William Shakespeare site including information about the Old Globe Theatre Structure. Educational resource for the Old Globe Theatre Structure ...