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How to Learn to Read a Ruler
People measure things every day, using gallons, miles, minutes and inches. Rulers come in different versions, but all of them have the same purpose. Some rulers are used only by specific people, such as architects, engineers and physicists. Some have... More »
Difficulty: Moderately Easy
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The Ruler Game - Learn to read a ruler! This online game will help you learn to read a ruler. Fun and easy for both students and adults.


Reading a ruler can seem daunting with all the little lines, but it is quite simple. ... Learn the 1/4 of an inch marks. halfway in between each 1/2 inch line, there will ...

Nov 22, 2011 ... I've always been embarrassed that I couldn't read a ruler properly. ... I honestly dont remember learning this in grade school. I work at the art ...


How to Read a Ruler Poster—a valuable resource for helping students learn to read a ruler and to understand equivalent measurements. This Really Good ...


Learning to read a ruler is easy after watching these screen cast and playing the online ruler game. These short screen cast explain what the different lines are ...


While it may seem to be a very basic skill, being able to read a ruler is the ... how to use a "standard" ruler better; specifically being able to read fractions of an inch or ... my students understand their fractions a lot better after learning their inch.


How to Learn to Read a Ruler. By Laura Reynolds; Updated April 24, 2017. Exact measurements matter. People measure things every day, using gallons, miles, ...


Feb 20, 2016 ... How to read a ruler and understand the fraction markings on a ruler. How to use a metric ruler and see decimal to metric conversions.