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What are first, second, and third degree robbery? - Criminal Law


First degree robbery, second degree robbery and third degree robbery are serious crimes that may result in severe sentences.

California Robbery Laws - FindLaw


California state laws create two types of robbery -- first degree and second ... second degree robbery for all robberies that do not meet the definition of first ...

Robbery Overview - Criminal Law - FindLaw


Many states define robbery as theft/larceny of property or money through the ... Normal robbery is usually a second degree felony in most states, but can become  ...

Article 160 | Robbery | New York State Penal Law | NYS Laws


A person is guilty of robbery in the second degree when he forcibly steals property ... as defined in section one hundred twenty-five of the vehicle and traffic law.

Robbery in the Second Degree – New York Penal Law 160.10 ...


Robbery in the Second Degree (New York Penal Law 160.10) is just as ... New York Law and both require a mandatory minimum term of three and one half ...

New Jersey Robbery Laws - NJ Robbery Charge Penalties


Robbery is defined as inflicting harm or force on another, or threatening harm ... Second degree robbery applies to all other robbery cases and carries a 5 to 10 ...

First and Second Degree Robbery | San Diego


The difference between first and second degree robbery depends on the location ... Definition, Examples, Punishment, and Defenses. ... THE LAW OFFICE OF.

Second Degree Burglary in Arizona Laws: ARS §13-1507


Learn about second degree burglary laws in Arizona (ARS 13-1507), and what you can ... Second degree burglary is defined as the act of entering or remaining  ...

Definition of 4th Degree Burglary - Legal Beagle


In the eyes of the law, the degree indicates the severity of the burglary--a ... for a first-degree burglary is more severe than the punishment for a second-, third- or ...

Penal Code 459 PC - California Burglary Laws - Shouse Law Group


For purposes of the definition of first-degree burglary in California, ... A “house” under California burglary law includes any ... second-degree burglary of the ...