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May 29, 2014 ... Stories of people who found unique ways to make a million bucks fast.


Maggie Cook, 37, had no business experience when she founded Maggie's Salsa in 2004. Born in Mexico to American parents who ran an orphanage, she had ...


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May 4, 2013 ... A few weeks ago I wrote a post about how this was.. ... How do you quit your job and basically, make a million dollars? .... card processor on why we thought the customer could be trusted and would be a legitimate merchant.


May 30, 2014 ... Scott DeLong. Dong Nguyen. Amanda Hocking. All of those people found a way to create something and turn it into $1 million or more, quickly.


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Dec 8, 2014 ... Say you want to become a millionaire. Or a multimillionaire. Or hey, even a billionaire. (Why not?) The goal is clear...but the path can be ...


Jan 19, 2011 ... Craig Rowin wanted a million dollars, so he asked for it on the internet. ... Craig Rowin learned that lesson the easy way. ... “I've gotten hundreds of emails, but this is the first one that was legit.” ... and I turned to the guy directing it and I said, ' You know, we could make one million dollars,' " Rowin told me.


Or that you'll have to learn to invest like the best pros to make your portfolio grow fast enough. Or that the only way to create a million-dollar business is to come ...