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Apartheid was a political and social system in South Africa while it was under white minority rule. This was in use in the 20th century, from 1948 to 1994.

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Dec 6, 2013 ... For South Africans who survived apartheid, the end of the brutal system was the birth of a new world, midwifed in large part by Nelson Mandela.

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Life under Apartheid. For white South Africans the 1960s was a decade of boom and unprecedented prosperity. For black South Africa, the 1960s saw apartheid ...

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Jun 12, 2013 ... I was born in South Africa, under apartheid -- a white child with every privilege. ... five years after Nelson Mandela was sentenced to life in prison.

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Title: Life Under Apartheid. Subject: apartheid in South Africa. Source: BBC Archive.

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Life Under Apartheid. . In 1910, the South African (British) colonies of Cape, Natal , Transvaal and the Orange Free State were united under the flag of the Union ...

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In the first clip associated with the Twelve Disciples of Nelson Mandela lesson plan, a man named Percy recalls what it was like to live under apartheid in the ...

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This is one of those questions that could only be properly answered at an individual level by every one of the tens of millions of people who lived under the  ...

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Under apartheid, nonwhite South Africans (a majority of the population) would be forced to live in separate areas from whites and use separate public facilities, ...

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With the enactment of apartheid laws in 1948, racial discrimination was institutionalized. Race laws touched every aspect of social life, including a prohibition of ... During the states of emergency which continued intermittently until 1989, ...

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Dec 9, 2013 ... Description: This undated photo courtesy of Pillay Family, shows Ethel Pillay, with daughter left to right, Carole, Danette and Michelle.

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Dec 10, 2013 ... Established in 1948 under the racialist National Party, apartheid not only ... life looked like in South Africa during the decades under apartheid:.

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Apartheid was part of the system of government of South Africa until the early ... What would life have been like for a black South African under the apartheid ...