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List of Endangered Species
Endangered species are populations of animals that face a high risk of extinction due to decreasing population or threats to their habitat. The IUCN Red List provides a classification system for the conservation status of animals in the wild.
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An endangered species is a species which has been categorized as likely to become extinct. ... In 2012, the IUCN Red List featured 3079 animal and 2655 plant species as endangered (EN) worldwide. ..... Of all the species who became extinct due to interference from mankind, the dodo, passenger pigeon, great auk,  ...


WWF is committed to saving endangered species. Learn more about the species we are working to protecting from becoming endangered or extinct.


A-Z animal listings organised by conservation status, including endangered and ... A-Z Animals, an online animal encyclopedia where you can learn about all ...


Jan 4, 2010 ... Below is the full list of creatures most under threat, according to the WWF. ... Designated a threatened species for protection by the Endangered Species Act in the ... Every year millions of delicate monarch butterflies (Danaus ...


... Britannica animals list features 10 well known endangered animal species. ... instituted more stringent habitat protections and poaching has all but ceased.


Mar 13, 2015 ... Endangered animals list with facts, pictures & links to further information. ... They are all under threat, and two are critically endangered.


Jun 19, 2017 ... WWeb site of the Endangered Species Program, a program within the Fish & Wildlife Service.


Jun 19, 2017 ... The number of threatened and endangered species changes as we add or remove species from the list. See how many are currently listed.


Apr 17, 2017 ... The List of Endangered and Threatened Wildlife (50 CFR 17.11) and the ... the names of all species that have been determined by the U.S. Fish ...