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Does anyone have a biracial black and white baby that looks fully white? Rihanna.


My daughter was born very light and still hs not changed much...she has strawberry blondish/light brown hair and blue eyes!


My boyfriend and I are having a mixed baby girl, and we are anxious to see what she looks like.


When do biracial kids usually get their final color? My daugher is 2 ... To tell what color a black baby will be you look at the tops of the ears. My son has no color ...


im white my husband is black. our son was born a week ago and he looks white. my husband is ... Not all biracial black and white children look primarily black.


I'm Irish and therefor, very pale :PMy SO is black and we're expecting out first in July.I'm curious as to what he/she will look like.If it's not.


My baby is 4 weeks old, mixed black and white but she looks 100% white. Redish hair light eyes and white skin...anyone have similar situation?


Jun 10, 2012 ... My son is 2 weeks old, his daddy is very dark skinned with a white paternal grandfather, and I am very pale white. little man is still just as white ...


May 31, 2011 ... I am white, my husband is white and we adopted a mixed race child. People keep telling me how much our daughter looks like my husband.