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How to Tell if Sterling Silver is Real? The Jewelry Makers Dilemma.


Sep 28, 2013 ... Easy Tests For Sterling Silver and Things to Look For ... Sterling silver is not magnetic- Get yourself a rare earth magnet, a super strong magnet ...

6 Ways to Test Silver - wikiHow


Sterling silver is 92.5 percent silver and 7.5 percent other metals, primarily copper. ... If you are testing silver bars, there is another way you can use a magnet to ...

3 Quick Ways to Help Tell Real Silver from “Fake” Silver ...


Feb 1, 2012 ... If you place a strong, rare-earth magnet called a Neodymium magnet on a silver coin or bar, it should not easily stick to it. If you are testing bars, ...

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Sep 12, 2011 ... Learn How to test silver 925 Sterling from fake. ... Detecting Fake Silver & Gold - Using A Rare Earth Magnetic - Duration: 5:38. Darryl Van Kirk ...
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Oct 6, 2012 ... If the Gold or Silver goes to your Magnet, then it is not r... ... 1 simple and easy test to make sure you don't buy fake Gold or Silver Jewelry is to get a Magnet. ... HOW TO FIND STERLING SILVER at The GOODWILL, AGAIN!

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If it says "Sterling" or .925, and it's not counterfeit, it's solid 92.5% silver. It's hard to tell ... If it's stainless steel plated with silver, a magnet test won't work. Stainless  ...

Why is My Sterling Silver Magnetic? | Jewelry Making Blog ...


Jun 25, 2010 ... I bought some .925-stamped 3mm sterling silver snake chains from ... A magnetic test is indicative BUT an acid test with scraping the item on a ...

How can you tell if silver is real or plated? - Myria


Apr 19, 2015 ... Magnet test: If a magnet sticks, you know it's not silver. However, just because it does not stick doesn't mean it is Sterling — just that it's not ...

What is Real 925 Sterling Silver Jewelry and How To Identify It


#3. Use the Smell Test. Real sterling silver shouldn't smell. If it does, it is because there is too much copper in it. #4. Use the Magnet Test. This is a simple test.

Sterling Silver Magnet Test | Precious Metal Refining Blog


Dec 11, 2013 ... Arch Enterprises offers an at home sterling silver magnet test to determine if an item is sterling silver and worth pursuing refinement.

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Sterling Silver vs the magnet test - The eBay Community


hi, fellow sterling lovers and all ebayers in general. how is your sterling silver holding up with the magnet test? mine isnt doing too well. is.

Real sterling silver: Home tests for real vs fake sterling silver


Nov 9, 2013 ... Easy home tests to identify real sterling silver from fake are: Ice test; Hologram test; Magnet test; Magnetic slide test; Cloth test; Acid test; Size & ...

How can you test sterling silver at home? | Reference.com


New sterling jewelry has a coat to protect against this. This method is best for older jewelry. The next way to test sterling silver jewelry is to use a magnet.