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Mange /ˈmeɪndʒ/ is a class of skin diseases caused by parasitic mites. Since mites also infect plants, birds, and reptiles, the term "mange", suggesting poor ...

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Mange (demodicosis) is an inflammatory disease in dogs that can lead to skin lesions, genetic disorders and hair loss. Find out how to treat it at petMD.

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Mange (demodex) in pets is a red, itchy skin infection that is caused by mites. Unhealthy dogs and cats with immune problems are most likely to develop mange.

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Mange comes in three varieties: Demodectic, Cheyletiella and Sarcoptic. It is caused by different species of mites, tiny eight-legged critters related to spiders.

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Sarcoptic mange is readily transmitted between dogs by direct contact; transmission by indirect contact may also occur. Clinical signs may develop anytime from ...

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Demodectic mange (also known as red mange, follicular mange, or puppy mange) is a skin disease, generally of young dogs, caused by the mite, Demodex  ...

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Is your dog showing signs of mange? Learn the symptoms and treatments of mange in dogs from the veterinarians of VCA Animal Hospitals.

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Luckily, a large number of medications eliminate Sarcoptic mange mites. In olden days, oily products that plugged up the mite's respiratory system were used.

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The following compounds are approved for use against sarcoptic mange mites in cattle at the labeled injectable and pour-on dosages: doramectin, eprinomectin ...

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Is it mange? If so, what kind?! If you're struggling to understand what's wrong with your dog, try our symptom checker!

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Mange in Dogs (Canine Scabies): Causes, Symptoms, and Treatment


Mange is a skin disease caused by several species of tiny mites, common external parasites found in companion canines. Some mange mites are normal ...

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Mange in dogs and cats is an intensely itchy disease caused by parasitic mites. Learn about the types of mange, plus the symptoms and treatment of mange.

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Demodex is a parasitic mite that causes a skin disease often referred to as mange or canine demodicosis. The microscopic Demodex mites live in the hair ...