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In East Asian martial arts, the black belt is a way to describe a graduate of a field where a ... step, and the next grades, nidan and sandan are each numbered as " ni" is two and "san...

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THE TRUE MEANING OF "BLACK BELT". AS IT SHOULD BE.... AND AS IT IS. by Master Hidetaka Nishiyama. In English history a man of valor and dignity who ...

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Apr 12, 2006 ... By definition the meaning of Black Belt is, “Opposite of white, therefore, signifying the maturity and proficiency in Taekwon-Do” (Gen. Choi Hong ...

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Top Definition. Black Belt. Much like the brown belt (fucking ass for the first time) ... (white male) "Gosh Trent, I got my black belt last night with that hot black girl ...

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black belt meaning, definition, what is black belt: the symbol of a very high standard in the sport of judo or karate. Learn more.

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Dr. Kano devised the colored belt system as a visible sign of a student's progress, awarding the first “black belts” in the 1880's. Gichin Funakoshi, who was ...

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a. The rank of expert in a martial art such as judo or karate. b. The black sash that symbolizes this rank of proficiency. c. A person who has attained this rank. 2.



The True Meaning of Martial Arts. *Martial Arts is a way of life. It is NOT a sport, NOT a game, NOT a religion. It is discipline where the mind and body become ...

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Description of what a Judo black belt is from the comprehensive and popular Judo ... This raises general questions about the meaning of the black belt, and ...

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Jul 9, 2006 ... THE MEANING OF BLACK BELT. The following is a transcript of a two-minute speech I had to give when I received my second dan in ...

black belt
[blak belt for 1, 2; blak belt, belt for 3, 4]
(initial capital letters) a narrow belt of dark-colored, calcareous soils in central Alabama and Mississippi highly adapted to agriculture, especially the growing of cotton.
the area of a city or region inhabited primarily by blacks.
a person proficient in some particular skill or endeavor; expert.
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