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Look up turnover or turn over in Wiktionary, the free dictionary. Turnover or turn over may refer to: Contents. [hide]. 1 Sports; 2 Business; 3 Music; 4 Other uses ...

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Definition of turnover: Accounting: (1) The annual sales volume net of all discounts ... There was a high employee turnover at the company under the previous ...

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Business turnover is a numeric value representing total sales. ... How to Determine Sales Turnover From Financial Statements · Turnover Sales Definition .

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Sep 4, 2012 ... Turnover is the net sales generated by a business, while profit is the residual earnings of a business after all expenses have been charged ...

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Turnover is an accounting term that calculates how quickly a business collects cash from accounts receivable or how fast the company sells its inventory. In the  ...

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Definition of turnover in the Financial Dictionary - by Free online English dictionary and ... In accounting, the number of times or the speed at which a company ...

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Definition: Sales turnover is the company's total revenue, both the invoice, cash payments and other revenues. Sales turnover represents the value of goods and  ...

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Turnover is the all the money a business collects by selling its goods or services. Profit is what's left over after the the business pays its expenses ...

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Oct 8, 2009 ... and what are benifits if a company becomes pvt. ltd. [lease let me know.

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Turnover definition, an act or result of turning over; upset. See more. ... The restaurant did a lively business and had a rapid turnover. 3. the aggregate of worker ...

1. In accounting, the number of times an asset is replaced during a financial period. 2. The number of shares traded for a period as a percentage of the total shares in a portfolio or of an exchange.... More »
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When it comes to all things business, turnover represents the rate at which any asset is replaced or revolved during a certain time period. In terms of assets such  ...

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the amount of money that is received in sales by a store or company. : the rate at which people leave a place, company, etc., and are replaced by others.

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turnover definition, meaning, what is turnover: the amount of business that a company does in a period of time: . Learn more.