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Learn how HEET® brand products work, how to use each item, how much to use, and find answers to shelf life questions as well as engine concerns ... When the vehicle is started, the additives, methanol, water, and gasoline are consumed ...

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Aug 16, 2011 ... Methanol has a higher vapor pressure than ethanol and works ... You can use Isopropanol, for example red HEET (Iso-HEET), but it is not ... The other denatured alcohol that has good ethanol content is Sunnyside brand.



Jun 13, 1999 ... distilled H2O. tube (for siphoning). coffee filters. heat source (for boiling down, electric stove recomended). methanol ('Heet' brand works well) ...

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Product Description. Style: 28201. Gold Eagle HEET Gas-Line Antifreeze and Water remover ... No.1 selling brand of gas-line antifreeze and water remover; Safe for use in all 4-cycle engines including fuel injected engines; Prevents ..... Lastly, Heet works well for vehicle gas line antifreeze. ... It is 24 bottles of methanol.
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There's certainly no harm in cooking in a well-ventilated area and if you're backpacking in the ... HEET. Pure methanol will also work in an alcohol stove. Methyl alcohol is also sold in hardware ... One popular brand comes in a green bottle.

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Pure methanol (wood alcohol) burns very well in a stove. It can be found ... A popular brand is HEET; the red bottle is isopropyl and the yellow bottle is methanol.

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Making biodiesel involves the use of methanol and lye. I highly ... Work in a well ventilated area. ... However, isopropanol is also used for this purpose, so check before purchasing (i.e. HEET brand is methanol, ISO-HEET is isopropanol).

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Methanol = "Heat" brand gas treatment, read contents to confirm. ... is also isoHeet (Isopropyl), but I dont know how well that works for mushroom extractions .

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What Is HEET® Brand? How Does It Work? HEET® brand contains a special fuel additive and methanol. When HEET® brand is added to the gas tank, it sinks to ...

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Apr 29, 2016 ... How Does It Work? HEET® brand contains a special fuel additive and methanol. When HEET® brand is added to the gas tank, it sinks to the ...

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Also, if HEET brand isn't available, what do I need to look for when buying a generic brand? For example, 7 Eleven ... Get the Yellow HEET, which is methanol. The red HEET is isopropanol and doesn't work nearly as well.

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May 30, 2016 ... Methanol(HEET) burns very fast, it has about 9500BTU/lb. It works well when available on the trail, whereas Everclear may not be.

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This fuel works well but is an expensive option and may be illegal or difficult to ... gas-line antifreeze such as HEET brand (Yellow is Methanol, Red is Isopropyl).