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Promotional United States fake currency is faux "currency" that makes no assertion of being ... The United States has never issued a million dollar bill. However, many businesses print million dollar bills for sale as novelties. Such bills do not assert that they ...


The United States two-dollar bill ($2) is a current denomination of U.S. currency. The third U.S. President (1801–09), Thomas Jefferson, is featured on the ..... Over 4.3 million $2 bills are entered at the American currency-tracking Web site ...


Presidents on dollar bills: below is a breakdown of all the presidents, and ... $1,000,000 one million dollar bill rumors regarding being printed by US Mint, are not ...


Promotional $1,000,000 Dollar Bill. No president is on $1,000,000 one million dollar bill. One Million dollar bill does not exist, example below is just a wild ...


President on $100,000 dollar bill is Woodrow Wilson. The $100,000 dollar ... These one hundred thousand dollar bills were only used between banks in their transactions and therefore are extremely rare. ... $1,000,000 One Million Dollar Bill ...


Jun 9, 2013 ... At times a fallen president is honored on currency, such as FDR,… ... George Washington first appeared on the one-dollar bill in 1869 – just seven years ... In April 2013, a $1,000 bill from 1891 sold at auction for $2.5 million.


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Jan 12, 2010 ... His name might not be as familiar as those of the Presidents featured on ... ludicrous: trying to pass off a million-dollar bill or thinking that Wal-Mart would ... Someone gave me a fake $1 million bill as a joke"¦was that illegal?


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