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Dec 13, 2011 ... 1 penny = $100000000 2 Bailouts. $700000000000 Tarp Bailout: 7000 pennies ( $70) $16000000000000 Secret Federal Reserve Bailout: ...
Apr 30, 2017 ... Hello all! Today, we talk about the 1 million dollar penny, AKA the $1000000 dollar penny. This was a huge error penny and is very rare, and ...


Do you have any of these coins in your penny jar? ... of the most valuable small cents, with one example having sold for a cool $1 million at an auction in 2012.


Sep 21, 2012 ... The million dollar penny: Texas Rangers owner buys rare 1943 Lincoln ... A rare 1943 Lincoln penny: The coin was mistakenly struck in bronze ...


Oct 20, 2016 ... A 'lucky penny' worth $1,000 could be hidden in your city ... notes that lost or thrown away pennies result in millions of lost dollars each year.


Sep 24, 2010 ... When is a penny worth millions of dollars? When it's the only one of its kind. In 1943, at the highest point of the war effort, America was involved ...


Jan 23, 2017 ... FBN's Jamie Colby on the latest episodes of 'Strange Inheritance.'


Sep 23, 2010 ... A one-of-a-kind 1943 U.S. penny struck in the wrong metal was sold by a New Jersey dealer for $1.7 million, with the proceeds going to charity.


Jan 12, 2015 ... Another: the penny's chain motif—intended to represent the ... “Now a million- dollar coin is not commonplace, but not as big a deal as it was.” ...


Jan 12, 2015 ... At the same auction, Lipton dropped more than $2.2 million on a 1792 quarter dollar, bringing his total tab for the day to more than $4.8 million ...