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The mindbody problem is the problem of explaining how mental states, events and processes—like beliefs, actions and thinking—are related to the physical ...

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The Mind-Body Problem. Information philosophy views the mind as the immaterial information in the brain, which is seen as a biological information processor.

The Mind-Body Problem


I. The Mind-Body Problem. There is an age-old problem in philosophy known as the "mind-body problem." One quick way to state the problem is this: what is the ...

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What are Mind-Body Problems? Are humans entirely physical? Or a spirit, a soul, beyond the physical? What's the relationship between brains and ...

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However, this is not to say that the 'mind-body problem' of modern Western thought has a history stretching back through the mists of time. Indeed, for more than ...

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Aug 19, 2003 ... The mind-body problem concerns the relationship between these two sets of properties. The mind-body problem breaks down into a number of ...

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Aug 13, 2009 ... The nature of these two entities and their interaction poses the mind-body problem. Here we consider various solutions to the mind-body ...

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The Mind-Body Problem. JERRY A. FODOR. Jerry A. Fodor is professor of philosophy at Rutgers University. He is renowned for defending the view that we.

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The mind-body problem exists because we naturally want to include the mental life of conscious organisms in a comprehensive scientific understanding of the ...

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The modern problem of the relationship of mind to body stems from the thought of René Descartes, a 17th-century French philosopher and mathematician, who ...

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So, Descartes' response to the mind-body problem is twofold. First, Descartes ...

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The body is about the physical aspects of the brain-neurons and how the brain is structured. The mind-body problem is about how these two interact. One of the ...

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The mind-body problem is an ongoing problem in the philosophy of mind and in metaphysics, concerning the nature of the relationship between the mind, ...