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The Original Flash Mind Reader | FlashLight Creative | Online Portfolio


The Flash MindReader was created whilst experimenting with mathematics in Flash ActionScripting. I accidentally stumbled across a mind-reading algorithm ...

The Mind Reader and The Crystal Ball - Free Angel Cards


Try these 'mind-reading' tests! A little bit of fun and entertainment for you. Can Roberto the Mind Reader read YOUR mind? n.b: The mind reading tests are just  ...

MysticalBall.com - The Magical Crystal Ball


A magical crystal ball that knows what you are thinking.

"The Flash Mind Reader" - how it works : ArtLung : Words


So my roommate sent me this Flash Mind Reading thing at ... Concentrate on the symbol and when you have it clearly in your mind click on the crystal ball and it ...

Click the crystal ball. - MysticalBall.com


MysticalBall.com will read your mind. How The Mind Reader Works: Choose any two digit number, add together both digits then subtract the total from your ...

Flash Mind Reader Demystified


Flash Mind Reader Demystified. based on The Flash Mind Reader by Andy Naughton. Let us take a look into the crystal ball that is math ... First, the question.

Magic Crystal Ball - KMG Associates


Try the Magic Crystal Ball and license the game for your web site from KMG ... you can't change your number while the Magic Crystal Ball is reading your mind!

Math mind reading trick based on addition of 2 digit numbers.


Mind Reading Numbers. Pick a number and related symbol and let the math magic crystal ball guess it. This math trick will astonish you and make you wonder  ...

Magic Crystal Ball Mind Reader - Buzzle


Dec 4, 2010 ... Hi friends! This online crystal ball mind reader can not only read your mind but understands addition and subtraction as well. Go ahead and ...

Magic Ball


Concentrate on the symbol and when you have it clearly in your mind click on the crystal ball and it will show you the symbol you are thinking of... * For example ...