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Mohawk Indian Tools
The Mohawk people -- part of the Iroquois Nation in what is now New York state -- farmed, fished and hunted, and their ability to grow and catch food depended upon tools they made themselves. They fashioned their tools from antler, bone, wood and stone,... More »
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Mohawk people


The Mohawk were among the four Iroquois tribes that allied with the British .... Religion became a tool of conflict between the French and British in Mohawk ...

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The Mohawk Indians did not wear long headdresses like the Sioux. ... Other tools the Mohawk people used were flint knives (for skinnning animals) and wooden ...

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Information about the Mohawk Indians for students and teachers. ... houses and villages, art and crafts, weapons and tools, legends, and customs of the Mohawks .

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Mohawk Indian Tools. The Mohawk people -- part of the Iroquois Nation in what is now New York state -- farmed, fished and hunted, and their ability to grow and  ...

Mohawk Iroquois Longhouse - Construction - New York State Museum


TOOLS. Before the Europeans came to North America, the Iroquois made tools from stone, bone, and antlers. stone axe Figure 6. A stone axe. The two views of ...

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Check out this site for facts and info on Native American Weapons. Illustrated ... Chart and list of Native American Weapons. ... Native Indian Weapons and Tools.

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Pictures and information about different types of Native American Indian ... The word "atlatl" comes from the Aztec language, but this tool was used by most tribes  ...

American Indian Arrowheads Made Great Weapons and Tools


Many people think that American Indian arrowheads were strictly weapons, but they also used them for tools. ... Mohawk Indians · Navajo Indians · Nez Perce Indians · Pawnee Indians · Plains Indians · Pueblo Indians · Seminole Indians

Bow and Arrows - Tools of the Trade for Native Americans


Bow and arrows has long since been many Native American Indian's hunting tools.

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Q: Mohawk Indian Tools.
A: Tools for Farming, Fishing, Hunting and Handcrafting. Mohawk farmers used hoes to plant and care for their main crops, squash, corn and beans, also known as "Th... Read More »
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Q: What Tools Did The Mohawk Indians Use?
A: Poop pee diary a and stuff throw up Anonymous Read More »
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Q: What Were the Mohawk Indians Known For?
A: Mohawk society, like that of the other Iroquois League tribes, was matrilineal. When a man married, he went to live in his wife's village and their children wer... Read More »
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Q: What is the mohawk Indians language?
A: kanienkehaka. Read More »
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Q: What was the mohawk Indians religion?
A: The Mohawk had their own spirituality, rather than religion. It was a way of life for them. Their spirituality guided every facet of their lives as they sought ... Read More »
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