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The most common type of mold that grows oranges and other citrus fruits is called penicillium digitatum. It is very aggressive and causes post-harvest fruit decay.

Q. If I see mold growing on an orange, can I just cut away the moldy ...


Q. If I see mold growing on an orange, can I just cut away the moldy part or must I discard the entire fruit? A Cassandra Becker, a dietetic intern at Tufts' Frances ...

How to Tell if Food is Too Moldy to Eat | Epicurious.com


Apr 30, 2015 ... If a lemon or orange shows "only small amounts of mold on the peel, and it looks like it's just on the surface," you might try removing the mold ...

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The green mold powder is probably spores from the mold penicillium. It is the most common powder-forming kitchen mold. It is actually edible (as most molds ...

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Jul 23, 2011 ... The Ripening Of Fruit The primary variables in the decomposition process are: type ... Apples never mold unless there's a nick in the skin.

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Green mold on orange. Óscar Mario Castro Solano Alajuela, Costa Rica Email: oscar_39@racsa.co.cr. Host: Citrus sinensis var. Washington navel (Washington  ...

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Mold Is Growing on Oranges. Mold on oranges seldom springs from the kitchen where it shows up. Whether stored in the open at room temperature or in a ...

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Jun 24, 2016 ... Anthracnose; Botrytis rot or gray mold (mostly on coastal lemons) ... on the rind after rainy weather and as fruit matures and turns orange.

What Moldy Oranges Can Teach About Company Culture


Dec 29, 2016 ... I love to eat oranges. And that's why I never think twice about buying them by the bagful. Just a few weeks ago I picked up another bag of fresh ...

Molds On Food: Are They Dangerous?


Aug 22, 2013 ... Are Any Food Molds Beneficial? Why Can Mold Grow in the Refrigerator? How Can You Minimize Mold Growth? Don't Buy Moldy Foods; Must ...