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The doctrine of mental reservation, or of mental equivocation, was a special branch of casuistry (case-based reasoning) developed in the late Middle Ages and the Renaissance, and most often associated with the Jesuits. Contents. [hide ]. 1 Secular use; 2 Mentalis restrictio in moral theology; 3 Legacy ... Therefore, the Christian's moral duty was to tell the truth to God.


Mar 11, 2017 ... Faith and Religion: The importance of truth telling. ... Lying is a topic of moral and religious interest, and if it were not for lies, most soap operas ...


Moral Truth - What is truth? What is moral truth? Learn the difference between moral relativism and moral absolutism? Study here.


This Catholic moral teaching, however, was ... Truth telling is always a duty, whether the other ...


you have a moral responsibility to lie, in order to protect your friend (who is .... a comparatively very limited responsibility to tell the truth to this criminal—by lying I  ...


Lying and truth-telling; Lying and ethical theory; Philosophers on lying; Lying .... moral justifications are there for telling this lie - and what counter-arguments can  ...


Nov 13, 2015 ... Each lie I tell contradicts the part of me that gives me moral worth. ... they known the truth, I have harmed their human dignity and autonomy.


perspectives on lying and truth telling-between Kant and care ethics, 2011, Medicine, Health ... Autism spectrum, moral psychology and moral philosophy.


While there has been extensive research on children's moral knowledge about lying and truth-telling and their actual lie- or truth-telling behaviors, research to ...


Dec 6, 2011 ... Telling the truth might result in death or severe injury while lying may save a life. An absolute moral rule, such as always tell the truth, would ...