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Tickling is the act of touching a part of a body in a way that causes involuntary twitching .... In 1924, J. C. Gregory proposed that the most ticklish places on the body were also those areas that ...

Sides: Most Ticklish Places On Your Body | TheTopTens®


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Ticklish Spots - Why do people laugh when they get tickled ...


People may be ticklish in spots that commonly produces a tickle reflex to varying degrees -- or not at all. Others may be ticklish in places where most other ...

Why Are Your Feet So Ticklish? | Wonderopolis


Nov 15, 2014 ... Along with your underarms, your feet are two of the most ticklish spots on your body. Scientists who have studied tickling will tell you that the ...

Your most ticklish spots - AngelOfDarkness089 - DeviantArt


Really the only person who tickles me, at least who I let tickle me, tortures me like crazy. She is evil and actually a real good 'ler. XD Its horrible (awesome)!

Are you ticklish?, a ncis fanfic | FanFiction


Sep 28, 2012 ... He always knew she would have a ticklish spot. But every where he ... He made it his goal to find out where her most ticklish spot is. He always ...

Tickle Me Pink: 12 Fun Facts about Tickling - Healthy Living Center ...


Jul 19, 2011 ... Can you really be tickled to death? Who likes being tickled more — men or women? Where are people most ticklish? Here's everything you ...

Any Ideas On How To Make My Baby Laugh?! - Circle of Moms


Apr 17, 2010 ... most ticklish spot on both my kids was high on the inner thigh by the ... Also, my son was VERY ticklish on his collarbone and would laugh ...

How to Find a Dog's Tickle Spot - Pets


Most dogs have a spot on their body that they absolutely love to have scratched. Her eyes roll back, her tongue hangs out and she kicks one leg like mad when ...

Where is your most ticklish spot on your body? | Yahoo Answers


Nov 12, 2008 ... I'm extremely ticklish ALL OVER my whole body. However, my three most unbearably ticklish spots are my sides, my neck and my ...

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5 Ways to Win a Tickle Fight - wikiHow


Every person's most tickle-sensitive zones are different, so you should experiment by ... movements increase, you know you've found your tickle sweet spot.

Most Ticklish Spots Quiz - By sal32388 - Sporcle


Can you name the Most Ticklish Spots of the body? - a quiz by sal32388.

Do Dogs Have Ticklish Spots? | Cuteness.com


The kicking which results from rubbing their tickle spot is a knee-jerk kind of reaction in our canine companions, but most dogs don't seem to mind it at all.