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A hijab is a veil traditionally worn by some Muslim women in the presence of adult males outside of their immediate family, which usually covers the head and chest. The word ḥijāb in the Quran refers not to women's clothing, but rather a ..... In Iran, where wearing the hijab is legally required, many women push the ...


Although normal, Western style clothing is acceptable in private homes, when in public women are required to cover everything but their face, hands and feet.


Iran is a country with respecting Islamic rules including “Hijab”. ... Iranian women are, however, very modest in picking their Veil or Hijab, and you cannot see its ... It's false belief that ladies confront constraint in the color of their clothing. This is ...


Women. Obeying Islamic rules including Hijab or Islamic dress-code is necessary ... Body : Should be covered with loose clothes like man shirt, coat or manteau.


Find and save ideas about Iranian women fashion on Pinterest. ... The inhuman Islamic law is enforced pretty heavily and many woman are arrested or fined by ...


Apr 22, 2016 ... An Iranian policewoman (L) warns a woman about her clothing and hair during a crackdown to enforce Islamic dress code in Tehran, Iran ...


Feb 23, 2014 ... Women who flaunt fashion run the risk of being publicly ... In recent years, Tehran has spent heavily to combat these "un-Islamic influences" ...


Iran before the Islamic Revolution of 1979 was quite a different country from the one we see today ... iranian-women-fashion-1970-before-islamic-revolution-iran-.


Feb 20, 2015 ... A time-lapse video shows how fashion and beauty trends have changed over the years along with the role of Iranian women in society.