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If a car is sputtering when you try to accelerate, this indicates that it is time for a tune-up. ... My Car Sputters When I Give It Gas · Car Sputters on Acceleration · Car Sputters Occasionally · Engine Sputters and Backfires When Accelerating ...

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An engine running out of gas will definitely sputter but if the gas gauge ... The fuel system is responsible for storing and supplying fuel to the car to drive the .... me out with my other car, even though I didn't have an appointment for the other car.

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How much does Car shuts off when stepping on gas pedal Inspection cost? Get an ... Expect the engine to sputter, cough, and jerk, especially at higher speeds. Irregular ... my car quickly. He also got a accurate diagnostic of my car's isues.

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had water in the gas, also the check engine light came on. I put a can of ... Tip when buying plugs: get cheapest plugs that your car requires.

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Wifes car 95 corolla 4 banger 150,??? miles. ... Idels real rough and at speed it will start sputtering and the smooth out over and over again. ... Given the time of year and the fact that you're in Michigan, I'm leaning toward ... My truck all of a sudden started sputtering., Automotive, 9 replies; My sputtering ford ...

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Nov 13, 2007 ... When I give it gas its fine but when I stop like at a stop sign it sputters. Absolutely NO problems when driving just when idling. Its probably ...

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Give it more, and it wants to stall, and backfires. Once was enough to ... I'll be stealing wire holders from my other car to straighten that out. I was running 87 ... Won't take more gas, just cuts out and stumbles. I guess before I ...

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There are many things that could cause a car to stall. Fortunately, this ... My truck sputters with small amount of pressure to the gas pedal. How do I fix this?

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Check Engine Light came on.. car sputtering The Garage. ... of a sudden my service engine soon light came on, and my car started sputtering. ... Give back that piece of paper you think makes your intelligent, ... Seen it happen more than twice that running a lot of cleaner through a gas tank clogs a fuel filter.

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Feb 6, 2014 ... 1jz sputters stalls when give it gas. charlie-FD1JZ ... Did you find the problem my 1jz does the same thing i cant find the problem. Read more.
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Mar 6, 2007 ... The car also sputters and rpm begins to fluctuate while driving. ... gas and a bottle of fuel injector cleaner each, it still sputters and ... My 1999 GTP experienced the sputtering problem at 28,000 miles and ..... I mean, when the brain of the computer is bad, of course the computer will give scanner false codes.

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Without Notice And When Accelerating My Car With Start "sputtering", Thats The .... my problem with the engine seeming to "bog down" when I give it the gas ...

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Dec 20, 2012 ... [My car: 2004 Mazda 3] .... The EGR (exhaust gas recirculation) recirculates gases back ... My car was sputtering, somewhat intermittently.