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A: Maybe. A spark plug part number might fit hundreds of different engines from many different manufacturers. Although the NGK factory will set the gap to a ...


For reference, see our spark plug gap chart below, this chart converts metric ... gap size is 0.7 mm, Brisk GOR15YTE-3, gap size is 1.3mm NGK BKR6E-11, gap  ...


Sep 30, 2012 ... A spark plugs Gap directly affects the tip temperature and the voltage necessary to fire the plug. NGK spark plugs traditionally leave the factory ...


Spark Plug Type & Gap Chart for Briggs ... like to replace, you can use the chart ...

May 26, 2009 ... Correct way to check, set and adjust your spark plug gap. NGK Spark Plugs USA.


Jan 14, 2013 ... Always check that the spark plug gap is compatible with the engine manufacturers specification. A gap that is too small means that the spark ...


Discover the keys to setting the correct spark plug gap with Champion Tech Tips.


A properly gapped spark plug is necessary for a properly functioning engine. The gap size affects the spark plug's firing temperature, which has a direct relationship ... NGK offers an extensive pocket book, which is often given away for free at ...


Initially I ordered oem replacement NGK plugs from RockAuto. ... It'd have to be a LOT larger gap to weaken the spark. .... DENSO Iridium Power spark plug, please review the specification chart to see the factory-preset gap.


Conventional Gap Settings Racing Plugs 0.016" 0.4mm. Coil (Standard) 0.025" 0.6mm. Coil (Sports) 0.028" / 0.032" 0.7/0.8mm. Magneto 0.020" 0.5mm