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This is a non-diffusing subcategory of Category:American mobsters. It includes mobsters that can ... A. Hakeem Abdul-Shaheed · American Gangster (TV series)  ...

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Apr 25, 2013 ... Gangsters are members of gangs or professional criminal organizations ... Irish American gangster Jack Diamond; more commonly known as ...

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Top 10 Most Famous American Gangsters of all Time ... Born on 15<sup>th</sup> June 1908 as Salvatore Giancana, he later shortened his name to Sam when he started ...

8 Most Notorious Mobsters & Gangsters of the 20th Century


Aug 18, 2015 ... ... gangsters are an endless source of fascination for the American ... He made his name synonymous with organized crime and amassed a ...

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Sep 9, 2009 ... history gang war mob mafia boss gangsters mobsters list top 10 la cosa ... his name and controlled the most lucrative criminal rackets in New ...

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Nostalgia · Celebrity · History & Culture · Famous Lookalikes · Crime & Scandal · About · Contact Us · Advertise · Privacy · Terms of Use ... Famous Mafia Bosses ...

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Dec 1, 2013 ... It was the most money stolen in American history up to that point in time, ... In 1987, Rollack formed a gang with the rather blunt name of “Sex, ...

Prohibition and Depression Era Gangsters and Outlaws


Feared and revered, American gangsters of the 1920's Prohibition era and the ... 1920's gangsters, Depression era outlaws with names like Bonnie and Clyde, ...

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May 3, 2014 ... In 2007, his life was depicted in the movie American Gangster, starring ... You name it, Lansky was into it, including narcotics, prostitution, ...

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His story was told in the 2007 film American Gangster, starring Denzel Washington. ... men in America, with too many conspiracies to count behind his name.

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No famous mobster names list would be complete without the likes of Reginald Kray, Al Capone, and others. From black gangsters to gangsters of other races, ...

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A collection of nicknames used by and about underworld figures.

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Sep 1, 2014 ... Undoubtedly the most famous of the female American gangsters, Parker was half .... He'd later name his Flamingo Hotel in Las Vegas after her.