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When your petition is approved, USCIS sends it to the National Visa Center (NVC ). ... Package for Immigrant Visa Applicants (formerly known as Packet 3) to the ...

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... Center (NVC). This process will be explained in Steps 3 through 6. ... or Consulate. The NVC will then transfer your case file to the U.S. Embassy or Consulate.

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Jul 17, 2015 ... 3. Wait for a Decision on Your Petition. USCIS notifies the petitioner of a ... The National Visa Center, which is responsible for the collection of ... If you are granted an immigrant visa, the consular officer will give you a packet of ...

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After the US embassy receives the approval from NVC (National Visa Center), they will send Packet 3 to the Foreign National Fiance. Packet 3 tells the appl.

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Sep 22, 2013 ... Step 6: Once NVC receives the Immigrant Visa (IV) fees, NVC will send Packet 3 to agent of choice. Packet 3 is also called "Instruction Package ...



Where the petition shows that the alien is exempt from numerical requirements or has a current priority date, NVC will mail Packet 3 to the alien. If the alien has a ...

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The NVC notifies the State Department Visa Office of the completed Packet 3 processing and requests allocation of visa numbers for the alien and his family; and

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Consular processing requirements and documents for immigrant visa interview. ... Visa Applicants (Packet 3) to you when your visa number becomes available; You ... The NVC or the Consular Section will send Information for Immigrant Visa  ...

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Step #2 USCIS Sends the File to the National Visa Center (NVC). Step #3 No Further ... Step #6 The Visa Applicant Submits Packet III to the NVC. Step #7 The  ...

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When an applicant's priority date is close to becoming current, the National Visa Center will mail a packet of forms and information (Packet 3) to the beneficiary ...

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Packet 3 provides instruction materials for immigrant visa applicants once the case ... immigrant visa applicant and have received a “Packet 3” letter from the U.S. ...

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Prepare Documents. On this page: Cases processed through NVC; Cases not processed through NVC, and K-1; Packet 3 Instructions; Forms and Documents ...

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In immigrant visa cases, the applicant or petitioner will receive Packet 3 forms and instructions from the National Visa Center (NVC). In K-1 fiancee and K-3 visa  ...