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Immunity involves both specific and nonspecific ... Innate immunity, or nonspecific immunity, is the natural ...

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Natural immunity definition, immunity that is present without prior immunization. See more.

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Learn the different ways people become immune to disease, and how vaccines work with your immune system.

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Natural immunity: Immunity that is naturally existing, Natural immunity does not require prior sensitization to an antigen. See: Innate immunity. Last Editorial ...

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Some individuals who are concerned about the safety of vaccines and their ingredients have begun to promote natural immunity over vaccine-induced immunity, ...

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resistance manifested by a species (or by races, families, and individuals in a species) that has not been immunized (sensitized, allergized) by previous infection ...

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Define natural immunity. natural immunity synonyms, natural immunity pronunciation, natural immunity translation, English dictionary definition of natural ...

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Natural immunity is a state of being able to resist illnesses. Unlike an acquired immunity, natural immunity is inherited from...

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immunity possessed by a group (as a species or race) that is present in an individual at birth prior to exposure to a pathogen or antigen and that includes ...

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Learn more about natural active immunity in the Boundless open textbook.

natural immunity
immunity that is present without prior immunization.
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natural immunity | Define natural immunity at Dictionary.com
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