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Dec 8, 2015 ... It was late November when my friends and I set out for a Kinaaldá, Navajo coming of age ceremony for girls. We drove in the dark over rutted ...


Dec 16, 2010 ... The Navajo Puberty Ceremony celebrating maturity of girls among the Navajo is held ... would be to invite laziness and an ugly form at a comparatively early age. .... the Navajo ceremony marking a young girl's coming of age.


The Navajo main coming or age ceremony is the gilrs or puberty ceremony or first menstruation ceremony is called Kinaaldá in Navajo language. It is still per...


Coming of Age Ceremony (Women): A woman's coming of age was the day the tribe officially recognized that she was no longer a girl - she was a woman.


It is a four day ceremony which includes girls who reached the puberty (first ... The origin of Kinaalda is in the ancient Navajo myth of the Changing woman.


There are more than 50 Navajo ceremonies. ... puberty ceremonies are performed; When young people are 16 to 18 years old, coming-of-age ceremonies are ...


the Navajo female pubertal coming-of-age ceremony called Kinaaldá is described and analyzed using the published literature, observations of two ceremonies ...


Sep 20, 2010 ... The Navajo are the largest Native American nation in the North America. The Kindaalda is the Navajo coming of age ceremony for women.


In New Mexico, the Mescalero Apache reservation prepares for a coming-of-age ritual. Over the span of four days, young Apache girls will pass through ancient ...