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The Navajos are a Native American people of the Southwestern United States. After the Cherokee, they are the second largest federally ...

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Navajo Culture - The Navajo are people very geared toward family life and events that surround their lifestyle. Many games and traditions have emerged from ...

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Nov 17, 2015 ... The Navajo Culture and traditions are centuries old and continue to be passed down to each new generation of men and women.

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Sep 4, 2014 ... Hey, teachers: Leave our braids alone! Jacqueline Keeler reflects on the case of the Navajo child in Texas sent home from school for having ...

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Fast Facts > Navajo Culture > Traditional Beliefs. menu spacer image ... In Navajo belief, there is a male and female to all things above, below, and around us.

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Indians today face new challenges to their identity, sovereignty, pocketbooks, health and preservation of culture and families. This site includes lesson plans, ...

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The Navajo culture today encompasses over 200000 people, spanning more than 14 million acres of reservation land and nearby cities. Many Navajo children  ...

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Indigenous People of North America,People of the Legends,Indigenous Culture History Customs. Indigenous people,First Peoples,First Nations,Native American  ...

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This page was written by Erin Klauk as part of the DLESE Community Services Project: Integrating Research in Education. The Navajo reservation, created in ...

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Overview. The Navajo Nation covers a territory larger than the combined states of Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Vermont. It is the largest ...

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From the cultural perspective, Navajos believe they came to their land by emerging through four levels of worlds, to currently reside in the fourth level, the ...

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Navajo Culture Rain The sky darkens with clouds. Thunder rolls, lightning flashes and then the rain pours down. It is the male rain. The female rain, on the other ...

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Navajo women weave a blanket outside a hogan. Photo: Ben Wittick, circa 1890. Courtesy of Western History/Genealogy Department, Denver Public Library.