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Negative Effects of Downsizing
Although downsizing is a common business strategy for reducing labor expenses, it isn’t always the best way to either cut costs or maintain your competitive edge. Instead of saving money and streamlining daily operations, negative consequences of... More »
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The Disadvantages of Corporate Downsizing | Chron.com


Corporate downsizing serves as a way for a company to maintain profitability levels, but the action often causes negative effects within the workplace.

The Positive and Negative Effects of Downsizing on Departing ...


While downsizing affects everyone in the organization, it has the most significant effect on employees who are dismissed and have to leave the company.

Disadvantages to Company Downsizing | Chron.com


Regardless of the impetus for change, downsizing must be undertaken with precision to prevent negative impacts to operations and employee morale.

Effects of Downsizing: Take Steps for a Positive Outcome - Bright Hub


Aug 23, 2010 ... Cutting costs by downsizing has positive and negative effects. Trimming down operations by reducing the number of people employed may be ...

The Positive & Negative Effects of Downsizing on Departing ...


Companies need to reduce the number of people that they employ from time to time. Downsizing may be part of a drive to reduce costs or the result of a merger ...

Negative Effects of Downsizing | eHow


Negative Effects of Downsizing. Although downsizing is a common business strategy for reducing labor expenses, it isn't always the best way to either cut costs ...

The Hidden Costs of Layoffs - CBS News


Aug 21, 2008 ... have discovered about the unexpected consequences of layoffs. These harsh ... Fortunately, these workplaces can mitigate the negative

Minimizing the Negative Impact of Layoffs on Surviving Employees


Apr 9, 2009 ... Minimizing the negative impact of layoffs on survivors begins with the way in which the layoffs are managed. If the leaders of your organization ...

Firing Employees. What are the Effects of Downsizing?


The effects of downsizing are significant; understand employee rights ... type of employee go – they can have a significant, negative impact on your business.