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Ammonium nitrate is a chemical compound, the nitrate salt of the ammonium cation. It has the chemical formula NH4NO3, simplified to N2H4O3. It is a white ...

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Calculate the molar mass of NH4NO3 in grams per mole or search for a chemical formula or substance.

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By taking NH4 as a whole in (NH4)NO3, then oxidation no. of NH4NO3 can be calculated as = oxidation no. Of NH4 + oxidation no. Of N + oxidation no. Of O3.

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Ammonium Nitrate NH4NO3 Molar Mass, Molecular Weight.

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Explosion Limits, Lower:Not available. Upper: Not available. Solubility: 118% at 0 C Specific Gravity/Density:1.725 @ 25°C Molecular Formula:NH4NO3

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Enthalpy of Reaction. [1ΔHf(NH4+1 (aq)) + 1ΔHf(NO3-1 (aq))] - [1ΔHf(NH4NO3 (s ))] [1(-132.51) + 1(-207.36)] - [1(-365.56)] = 25.69 kJ 25.69 kJ (endothermic) ...

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Oct 7, 2010 ... Hildenbrand and co-workers have shown recently that the vapor above solid ammonium nitrate includes molecules of NH4NO3, not only NH3 ...

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Cl- (from NH4CL) acts as a catalyst on the decomposition of NH4NO3: Cl- ... Water in the reaction causes the decomposition of more NH4NO3, which is an ...

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Composi- tional data as a function of relative humidity are essential in understanding the effect of (NH4)2SO4 on the loss of NH4NO3 from a mixed- solution ...

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Abstract. Ammonium nitrate is thermally stable below 250 °C and could potentially deactivate low temperature NOx reduction catalysts by blocking active sites.

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... its molar mass and elemental composition: Molar mass of NH4NO3 is 80.0434 g/mol. Formula in Hill system is H4N2O3 Elemental composition of NH4NO3: ...

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Nitram | NH4NO3 or H4N2O3 | CID 22985 - structure, chemical names, physical and chemical properties, classification, patents, literature, biological activities, ...

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The molar mass of NH4NO3 is about 80.04 grams per mole. The chemical formula NH4NO3 represents the chemical ammonium nitrate. The molar mass is  ...