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Nicknames for Heroin - Narconon


Here are some of the nicknames for heroin and what it's called when it's mixed with other drugs.

What Does Heroin Look Like? Street Names for Heroin - Drug-Free ...


In its purest form, heroin is a fine white powder. But more often, it is found to be rose gray, brown or black in color. The coloring comes from additives which have  ...

Nicknames, Street Names, and Slang for Heroin and Heroin Use


May 5, 2010 ... Adolecents won't talk about drugs in the open. Instead they quickly adapt the street lingo for heroin and getting high on heroin. Learn more.

Heroin Street Names | Slang for Heroin & Common Nicknames


Do you know the many street names for heroin? Learn the slang for heroin and pick up the verbal cues that a loved one may be using the drug.

Street Names - In The Know Zone


The following is a partial list of the many street names that have been used for heroin over the years. The slang used for heroin in your area may include some of ...

"Street" names for Heroin Common terms In case of an overdose ...


"Street" names for Heroin. Smack, horse ... Line/Rail: a dose of heroin, chopped and drawn into a line/rail ... Phone numbers for other drug and alcohol services.

Street Names for Heroin and Other Heroin Slang Terms - HealthyPlace


Jan 17, 2012 ... Street Names for Heroin and Other Heroin Slang Terms As is the case for all illegal drugs, there are many other names for heroin. Slang for ...

Common Slang Terms for Heroin - About Health


Apr 22, 2016 ... In the culture surrounding illegal drugs, there are thousands of slang terms, nicknames and street names for every imaginable drug, including ...

A Glossary of Drug-Related Slang Terms - About Health


Feb 4, 2016 ... In the world of illicit drugs, a separate culture and language has ... Some street names for heroin, however, are simply designed to cover up the ...

Slang/Street Names for Heroin, Cocaine and other Narcotics


May 23, 2011 ... A long list of different slang terms for various narcotic drugs like heroin, cocaine, etc.

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Street Names and Nicknames for Heroin - Heroin Rehab Help


Heroin is a highly addictive opioid drug. While pharmaceutical-grade heroin ( called diamorphine) continues to be used in other parts of the world, all heroin in  ...

Nicknames and Street Names for Heroin - The Canyon


Here are the nicknames and street names for heroin, heroin drug combinations, and heroin use and abuse. For more information on heroin treatment, call us.

Urban Dictionary: heroin


Illegal drug generally considered to be the worst, most addictive and dangerous of all the ... Street names for heroin include "smack," "H," "skag," and "junk.