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Nika riots


The Nika riots or Nika revolt, took place over the course of a week in Constantinople in AD 532. It was the most violent riot in the history of Constantinople, with ...

The Nika riot


In the fifth century AD, as the expense of festivals and spectacles increased, the circus factions began to take responsibility, not only for the races, but for other ...

The Nika Revolt: Violent Uprising in Medieval Byzantium


The Nika Revolt was a devastating riot that took place in early medieval Constantinople, in the Eastern Roman Empire. It threatened the life and reign of ...

Blue versus Green: Rocking the Byzantine Empire | History ...


Mar 2, 2012 ... The Nika Riots were the most widespread and serious disturbances ever to occur in Constantinople, a catastrophe exacerbated by the fact that ...

Nika Revolt | Article about Nika Revolt by The Free Dictionary

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a popular uprising that took place in Constantinople, the capital of Byzantium, on Jan. 11–17, 532. It received its name from the slogan and password of the ...

The Later Roman Empire: The Nika Revolt and the Courage of an ...


The Nika Revolt and the Courage of an Empress. A. D. 532. One would not think that fan loyalty to a popular team would cause a national rebellion against a ...

Nika Riot in 532 - All About Istanbul


The Nika Riot was the most violent revolt in the history of Constantinople until 532 AD.

Nika Riots - Plato's Academy, a blog about everything Greek


Aug 12, 2011 ... The Nika riots was one of the deadliest riots in human history as tens of thousands of people died and half the city was burned or destroyed.

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Jan 5, 2015 ... History Documentary for Mr. Parker By Emily Pitts, Alicia Megchelsen, and Dani Otten.
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Jul 4, 2015 ... During the Nika Riots, they burned down neighborhoods and even the Hagia ..... Either way, if I couldn't prevent those riots or the bribery, then I ...
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Nika Riots of January 13, 532AD | Armstrong Economics


The Byzantine government, as all governments, became extremely bureaucratic and corrupt. The culture divided into what we would call a right and left wing.

NIKA REVOLT - HistoryWorld


NIKA REVOLT including. ... between their supporters are commonplace in the stadium, to cries of nika ('conquer') followed by the name of the favoured group.

Procopius: On the Nika Revolt - Internet History Sourcebooks Project


Medieval Sourcebook: Procopius: JUSTINIAN SUPPRESSES THE NIKA REVOLT, 532. [From History of the Wars, I]. At this time [January 1, 532] an insurrection ...