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The act of notarization doesn't make a document legally binding, and it simply certifies that the ... A valid contract, for example, is legally binding on both parties.

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A notary public attests to the validity of the identity of the signature on a ... of the signature doesn't equate to a statement that the document is legally binding or ...

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Whether or not a document is notarized has very little to do with whether or not it's “legally ... An agreement entered into by two or more parties to the same and duly attested by the notary is legally valid in favour or against the parties to the ...

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When a document is Notarized, the Notary Public is testifying that the person in question did in fact sign the document in question on the day and time indicated.

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Does my document need a witness, or a notary, or is it OK without a witness? .... documents and contracts do NOT require a witness for them to be legally valid.

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Jun 4, 2011 ... This notarization says that the person who signed the document is either personally known by the notary, or they have provided valid ...

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A notary public is neither required, nor permitted to review the contents of a document and provide an opinion of its legal validity. The notary's duty is limited to ...

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Mar 7, 2016 ... In any legal proceeding, a Notary seal if present on a document, will act ... if you do not notarize a document, its legally validity and authenticity ...

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**If a contract isn't written properly, it isn't legally binding.** It has to include the right elements to be valid. For example, a contract to commit an unlawful act is ...

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A contract typically does not have to be notarized. ... the documents with their stamp as you sign them, giving an extra proof of validity. ... Today's Legal News ▻.