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Q: What is a good analogy for the functioning of the nucleolus?


The best analogy for the nucleolus in eukaryotic cells is a factory that makes tools that are used to build other resources. The primary function of the nucleolus is ...

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Aug 23, 2015 ... Think of the nucleolus as the HR department of a product building company. A company needs workers (ribosomes) to create a product ...

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If the ribosomes make the factory, then the nucleolus consists ofthe construction workers that make up the factory.

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Answer key to cell city analogy where students match parts of the cell to parts of a city. ... Original File: Cell City Analogy ... Nucleolus, ___carpenter's union___ ...

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Cell Analogy Computer. Cell Wall. The case of a ... Computer coding is like the nucleolus because the nucleolus is like DNA. Nucleus. The mother board is like ...

Cells * the basic unit of life

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Analogy – Walls & Doors of City Hall. Function: Regulates what enters or exits the nucleus. Structure: Double Layer of Lipids. Nuclear Envelope. Nucleolus.

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What company or place does the nucleolus resemble in a Cell City? b. Why do you think so? 6. The jellylike area between the nucleus and the cell membrane is  ...

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Oct 24, 2010 ... This power point uses Harry Potter analogies to describe functions of ... contain 1 -3 nucleoli that make ribosomes (which in The Nucleolus is ...

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Sep 20, 2011 ... br The nucleolus makes ribosome it is like the principal.<br /> The chromosomes .... analogy of cell-cell is like chocolate factory. Azurah Razak.

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What its function is….use a picture and explain the analogy that represents what the ... Cytoplasm Cytoskeleton Cell membrane ER-smooth and rough Nucleolus  ...

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Mar 10, 2013 ... Emily Gustason Cell Analogy Presentation Function: The cell membrane is the outer boundary of the cell, so it separates the animal cell from all ...

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To better explain this, analogies to a city (using the city simulation software ... The nucleolus controls the executive activity within the nucleus of the cell and ...

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Get an answer for 'What are some examples of cell analogies?I can't use the analogy city or ... They receive instruction from the nucleolus in the nucleus.