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The nucleolus is a prominent sub-nuclear structure that is not bound by a membrane and resides within the nuclear matrix. Though known to exist since the eighteenth century, the primary function of the nucleolus was not discovered until the 1960s. It... More »

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Nucleoli are formed around specific genetic loci called ... III) are required, and these function in a coordinated ...

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The nucleus of many eukaryotic cells contains a structure called a nucleolus. As the nucleus is the "brain" of the cell, the nucleolus could loosely be thought of as  ...

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The function of the nucleolus is to transcribe DNA into ribosomal RNA and assemble rRNA into ribosomal subunits. The creation of rRNA is important because ...

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The nucleolus also contains proteins and RNAs that are not related to ribosome assembly and a number of new functions for the nucleolus have been identified.

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The nucleolus is located in the center of the nucleus of a cell. ... Function. The nucleolus has one main function. That main function is the production of subunits  ...

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Apr 22, 2015 ... The nucleolus is that mysterious round structure we are all taught to draw inside the nucleus of a cell. We know that it is difficult to spell, but...

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This section of the site takes a look at cell organelles. Here we take a look at the Nucleolus and its structure. We then discuss the function that the Nucleolus ...

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The nucleolus is the most prominent structure in a cell nucleus. ... over almost two centuries, there is still much to be learned about its structure and function.

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Nov 12, 2011 ... The identification of mRNA-associated proteins in the plant nucleolus suggests a function in mRNA biogenesis. In animals, only a very few ...