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Q. How do I determine how many oysters to buy? A. Here are our guidelines: ... Crabs: For every 10 people, we recommend 1 bushel. Most popular are the #1 ...


Typically, a bushel of oysters weighs between 45 and 60 pounds and contains between 100 and 150 oysters. The number of oysters in a bushel varies ...


Jun 14, 2008 ... Already the Parliamentary enquiry of the 1730s had discovered that a Winchester bushel was a third less than the weight of an oyster bushel; ...


A bushel of lively blue crabs, harvested by Southern Maryland watermen. ... All of our Oysters are harvested in the Chesapeake Bay region by local watermen.


Shucked oyster sizes are based upon the number of individual oysters within a given ... Other measurements include by the dozen, peck, bushel or 100 lb bag.


In many cases, seafood sizes are not standard and will vary locally. ... One bushel of oysters weighs approximately 45 to 60 pounds and contains between 100 ...


The Managment here at Mobjack Bay Seafood have been purveyors of hard shell clams and oysters since 1973. Our products may not range the full spectrum of ...


Small Select in Shell Oysters (3" - 4") Average Weight 24 pounds Bushel Product Code CO1000. Medium Select in Shell Oysters (4" - 5") Average Weight 32 ...


For many years oyster planters have had to purchase seed ... prefer to work with half bushel samples; in this case, multiply the total number of spat per half.


A peck is two dry gallons, or about 25 oysters.A bushel is eight dry gallons, or about 100 oysters.