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In 2007, a piece of oceanic crust found in Greenland was dated by scientists to be around 3.8 billion years old. The age of the oldest oceanic rocks was previously determined to be...

The ocean floor is home to unique communities of plants and animals. Most of these ecosystems are near the water surface, such as the Great Barrier Reef. At deeper points, unusual sea life thrives around geothermal vents.



Map showing the underwater topography (bathymetry) of the ocean floor. Like land terrain, the ocean floor has ridges, valleys, plains and volcanoes.

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What happens when the continental shelf comes to an end, and how do earthquakes and volcanoes continually reshape the ocean floor? Get ready to go for an ...

The seafloor has been widely mapped by shipborne magnetometers, allowing us to delineate zones of normal and reversed magnetic polarity. Very little ocean floor is older than 125 million years, as shown by the blue areas. So while this map is great for studying plate ... More »
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Educational resources and lesson plans about the exciting, dynamic and largely unexplored features of the ocean floor, plate tectonics, hydrothermal vents, and ...

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The deepest ocean trenches could easily swallow up the tallest mountains on land. ... The diagram below shows the main features found on the ocean floor.

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The ocean floor has the same general character as the land areas of the world: mountains, plains, channels, canyons, exposed rocks, and sediment-covered ...

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Q: What is the ocean floor made of?
A: Answer Below the muck and ooze of dead sea life are the basaltic oceanic plates, roughly 5 kilometers in depth. Basalt is an extrusive igneous rock which appear... Read More »
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Q: What is the ocean floor covered with?
A: its covered with rock and stones. Read More »
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Q: What is the opposite of the ocean floor.
A: The ocean's surface. Read More »
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Q: What is the landforms on the ocean floor.
A: Reyes Penof a. bay mouth bar. landform that acts as a barrier between the lagoon and the Pacific Ocean. 2. The process of. concretion. is illustrated by the Bol... Read More »
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Q: What is on the ocean floor.
A: The ocean floor is as varied and irregular as the land we can see. It has mountains and plains and valleys and ridges.! The ocean floor is as varied and irregul... Read More »
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