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The first Olympic flag was presented to the IOC at the 1920 Summer Olympics by the city of Antwerp, Belgium. At the end of the ...

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The Olympic flag measures 2.06 m long, 60 cm high and is completely white with five ... True to this meaning, she has lent her colors to many athletes who were ...

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The colors were chosen to represent all the national flags of every country. Every country's national flag has at least one of the Olympic colors.

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The Olympic symbol consists of five interlaced rings of equal dimensions, used ... with the white background represented the colours of the flags of all nations at ...

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Aug 10, 2012 ... For the Olympic symbol and flag, de Coubertin explains in the ... If you liked this article and the Bonus Olympic Facts below, you might also like:.

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Ever wondered what the five rings on the Olympic flag symbolize? ... Find out the answers to these questions plus learn a lot more interesting Olympic facts.

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Flag consisting of a white field bearing five equal interlocking rings of blue, dark yellow, black, green, and red with separations wherever two rings intersect.

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Feb 8, 2014 ... The Olympic rings are everywhere this month, from the Athletes' Village in Sochi to ... The rings were to be used on flags and signage at the 1916 Games, but those games .... Meaning of the red ring of the Olympic symbol ?

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Understanding the meaning of the Olympic rings and the traditional Olympic Flag.

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Interesting Olympic flag facts It may seem like a boring thing to want to learn about, but it has some hidden messages. As you know. The flag consists of.

Olympic symbols
The Olympic symbols are icons, flags and symbols used by the International Olympic Committee to promote the Olympic Games. Some - such as the flame, ... More »
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The Olympic flag and rings both were designed by Pierre de Coubertin, a Frenchman who invented modern Olympics in 1913. It took seven more year before the ...

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The white Olympic flag with its five colorful rings symbolizes the continents as well as individual nations. The continents represented are North and South ...

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The Olympic Flag, which flies in the main stadium and all other venues of the Games ... the symbolic acts which gave to the former so great and deep a meaning.