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Nov 4, 2012 ... Must watch !! Timmy Gets bit just a day in the life of chc!
Apr 15, 2009 ... Me and my friend jared were putting out the garbage at his house when we found a possum in the trash can so this is what we did.
Mar 5, 2009 ... Opossum attack!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - Duration: 1:12. CHChunters 6,518 views · 1:12 · Baby Possum Attacks Girl - Caught on Camera - Duration: 1:16.


That said, in rare instances, opossums will attack, particularly when they have to defend themselves, just like any other animal would. So if your dog messes with ...

Oct 12, 2014 ... But this possum was honestly so adorable. Follow me on da social mediaaaa! Instagram @amypuddles Twitter @amypuddles.


In some rare cases, possums might attack humans or pets. But they don't really get rabies, (read about opossum rabies) and they aren't really predators, more of  ...


A cat may attack and kill young rat-sized opossums. Adult opossums and cats seem to have a mutual respect and ...


Per Wikipedia on the Virginia possum: “They rarely transmit diseases to humans and are surprisingly resistant to rabies, most likely because they have lower body  ...


Sep 3, 2008 ... Siblings Chelsea, 1, Lachlan, 5, and Jacob, 10, re-enact their response to the possum's attack. BELOW: The marauding possum. 080903GW40 ...


This will also prevent the dog from injuring or killing an opossum. Problem: Will an opossum attack my pets? Solution: In general, opossums are docile, ...